Operations Research Center Philippine Army Holds Writeshop Activity

The first activity right after the ceremony, officially activating the office was the Writeshop Activity at the Philippine Army Officers’ Clubhouse last 21-24 November 2017 where the writers and ORC staff, comprising of civilian employees, hired consultants and Army Officers met for the first time.

In the first days of the 2 week workshop, LTC HERRERA, ORC,PA director, presented his intent for the office in accordance with the command guidance of CG,PA. He gave his initial instructions to the researchers on their assigned topics.

It was cited during this activity the urgency and significance of the handbooks that will be produced due to the fact that the experiences in Marawi brought a lot of learning to the organization.

(In photo: LTC JO-AR A HERRERA (INF) PA, director of ORC, gives his initial instruction to the study group who will write about the lessons learned in the Battle of Marawi.)