CSP: Tool of the Army in Bringing Back the People to the Government

Manila – The Philippine Army are now evolving into a more multi-role organization that answers to the different challenges in our country and community. As we improve the capability of our soldiers in warfighting, we also evolve our way in facilitating the development, reintroducing the government services and bridging the gap between the Local governments and the Far-Flung Communities in conflict affected areas. The Community Support Program is one of the tools in bringing-back the people to the good side of the government and prevent the infiltration of the local Communist terrorists that exploits every community. This program also empowers the community with the help of our soldiers together with the Local Government and other agencies that shows the good collaboration to address the different challenges to achieve peace and development.

The Philippine Army crafted the Community Support Program Best Practices in Eastern Mindanao Command. These are the compilations of stories, best practices, lessons learned, and innovations of the Community Support Program particularly in the Eastern Mindanao Command AOR. This Project compensated the efforts of the government and its program, which is the EO 70 (INSTITUTIONALIZING THE WHOLE-OF -NATION APPROACH IN ATTAINING INCLUSIVE AND SUSTAINABLE PEACE, CREATING A NATIONAL TASK FORCE TO END LOCAL COMMUNIST ARMED CONFLICT, AND DIRECTING THE ADOPTION OF A NATIONAL PEACE FRAMEWORK), to counter the insurgency problem in our country and harbor peace and development in every community.

It also includes a special chapter on Peace 911, a successful program that addressed the insurgency in Paquibato, Davao City. Paquibato has long been considered a battleground between the military and the Local Communist Terrorist. Its hinterlands have been a stronghold of NPA leader Leoncio Pitao, the elusive Kumander Parago whose been the most wanted NPA during his time before he was killed last 28 June 2015. With the full effort of the Army and the Local Government, Paquibato was brought back to the arms of government giving the people back to true democracy and freedom from the Local Communist Terrorist.

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