Negros Oriental State U Experience the Battle of Marawi

Dumaguete, Negros Oriental – For decades, the Visayas Region has been a hot spot for youth and students recruitments for local armed groups trying to topple down the democratic government and run it on their way. The local people witnessed how the so-called revolutionary struggle destroyed the promising future of youth and students from different schools and universities, which deprived their families and our country a hope for a better future.

The Negros Oriental State University organized a Campus Peace and Development Symposium as an effort to stop the further recruitments inside and outside the campus targeting the youth and students and to educate and spare the students from the lies and deceit of any dubious group and organization.

About 4,500 college freshmen and ROTC/NSTP students attended the symposium as LTC SAMUEL G YUNQUE shared his insights and experiences in the Battle of Marawi especially his knowledge on enemy propaganda activities, organizing schemes, and battlefield tactics. His lecture was integral to be able to enlighten the youth and students on the hazards of violent extremism and to help them be positive contributors to the peace and development efforts of the government.   

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