ORCPA Shares the Marawi Experience to the Rangers

FSRR, PA Camp Tecson, San Miguel Bulacan – The Scout Ranger Battalion has a great contribution on the overall victory of the Joint Task Force Marawi during the Marawi Siege. It is then rightful to share their impeccable achievements and innovations during the battle to the future scout rangers for them to be inspired and learn from these events. Sharing these lessons learned and best practices from the Battle of Marawi will be significant on future similar instances.

On July 29, 2019, the Chief of the Operations Research Center, LTC SAMUEL YUNQUE, conducted an advocacy regarding Marawi and Beyond: The JTF Marawi Story at the FSRR, PA Camp Tecson, San Miguel, Bulacan.

The lecture was attended by students of the Scout Ranger Class as LTC YUNQUE discussed about the dynamics of the urban operations, the uniqueness of the urban environment, and the tactical innovations and strategies utilized during the Battle of Marawi. He then furtherly discussed on the importance of the leadership and the creativity of the commanders on coming up with different tactical innovations in a complicated operational environment.

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