STRENGTHENING COUNTER-TERRORISM EFFORTS – Philippine Army And Israel Defense Force (IDF) Collaboration Against Terrorism

Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila — With violent extremism a leading threat to our national security, one of Philippine Army’s efforts to enhance soldier capability and combat preparedness is to collaborate with the Israel Defense Force (IDF). Along with their visit in the Headquarters Philippine Army for their courtesy call, the IDF delegation also lectured about Counter-Terrorism to selected Brigade and Battalion Commanders last 18 June 2019 at the Ricarte Hall, Philippine Army Officers’ Clubhouse. They provided insights on counter-terrorism activities, including their best practices and lessons learned in the field.

On the other hand, to provide a on the conduct of operations in the country, LTC SAMUEL YUNQUE INF (GSC) PA presented a briefing on the Liberation of Marawi. He emphasized on the lessons learned and the tactical innovations utilized during the siege. The event of May 23, 2017 changed the way our nation viewed terrorism. The world witnessed the devastating tragedy of the Marawi siege that destroyed a lot of properties and killed many civilians and soldiers. Now, the Philippines’ capacity to counter terrorist threats on all fronts has increased significantly since the siege happened. The incident in Marawi City has become a lesson learned that threats can come from different directions and that we cannot afford complacency in the face of a complex and evolving threat.

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